My Bootcamp Experience at Meta

I have just finished my 7th week at Meta and I wanted to write this post as I am nearing the end of bootcamp and team selection.

My New Job at Meta, and Why I Chose Meta

A couple weeks ago I started my new job at Meta (formerly known as Facebook) at the Menlo Park Headquarters. I wanted to write a short reflection on why I decided to join Meta. Moving from Startups to Big TechThis time around when I interviewed, I interviewed with FAANG companies

How I Reported a Serious Jamf Pro API Bug

I discovered a critical bug that resulted in Jamf Mac computers being FileVault decrypted when making a simple update to the computer's name.

Why Ant Design is Great for React Development

I have developed several React web applications at WePay using the Ant Design library for the past year and wanted to share some things that I have learned.
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