My Experience Writing Java Backend Microservices at WePay

I wanted to share some of the things I've learned from writing over 10 Java microservices at WePay.

Reflecting on My First Year at WePay

This week I achieved my 1 year work experience at WePay, so I wanted to share my reflections on the past year.

Training to Conduct the Communication and Design Interview

I want to share some things I've learned while training to conduct the Communication and Design software engineering interview at WePay.

Why Ant Design is Great for React Development

I have developed several React web applications at WePay using the Ant Design library for the past year and wanted to share some things that I have learned.

Congrats to My Brother on Being a 2021 Astronaut Scholar

This week my brother, Justin Kao, was selected as a 2021 Astronaut Scholar by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. It is a very prestigious award which is only granted to one student from his university, out of the 44 universities. I am amazed by how passionate Justin has been about the
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