My New Job at Cruise

I recently started a new job at Cruise, and I am very excited to productionize autonomous ridesharing.

My New Job at Cruise
12/14/22 - Getting off a Cruise driverless nighttime ride in San Francisco.

In November 2022 I started a new job as a senior software engineer at Cruise in San Francisco. I am on the Fleet Effiency team which builds internal tools (React UI, microservices, etc.) for our operations to manage our autonomous car fleet. It is a rapidly growing team because as our autonomous vehicles have scaled rapidly, fleet operations has become one of the bottlenecks. We're building tools to make it easier for fleet operations to monitor and react to autonomous vehicle situations.

I have really enjoyed working with my team, and everyone is very smart and humble. Many have a lot of industry experience, often at big tech companies.

Our paid nighttime driverless rides have been available to the public (with a waitlist!) for the past year. I can also take you on a free ride if you're interested, just reach out!

Outside of work, I have signed up as an Uber Driver to do my own market reserach on the status quo. We're basically creating Uber but with autonomous cars, no human drivers. More exciting posts to come!