Download Free Drone Video Footage of Penn and Philadelphia

Over the years I've worked on lots of video projects for Penn student clubs. I was also an official photographer for the Office of University Communications for 4 years. My photos were used for all forms of Penn social media, primarily the Penn Instagram. I also did multiple paid drone shoots for the University through my drone photography company, Philly By Drone. I know how difficult it can be to make a film from scratch, so some very generous filmmakers and I are offering our high-quality DSLR and drone video footage. You may use this footage for free for non-commercial purposes. This is primarily catered towards Penn student groups and any other groups who would otherwise be unable to afford drone footage.

This page would not be possible without Penn's Google Drive account, which offers unlimited storage. Given that I have now graduated, my Drive access will expire in May 2020 and this footage on Google Drive will no longer be available. It will be a huge pain to migrate, and will also cost me thousands of dollars a year just in storage space. If you know anyone at Penn who can extend my Google Drive account that will greatly help me to share this footage with the Penn community.

Once you've incorporated footage into your film, shoot me an email at so I can promote your film on this page. Please credit "Video footage from"

Shot on Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7 (March 2018 - May 2019)

  • Schuylkill Yards & University City (View)
  • Class of 2022 Class Photo (View)

Shot on Mavic 2 Pro (March 2019 - Present)

  • U-Night Rising Junior Inaugural Event (View)

Shot on Inspire 1 with Zenmuse X5/X5R (May 2017 - March 2018)

  • Locust Walk Fall Foliage, October 2017 (View)
  • Locust Walk & College Green Fall Foliage, October 2017 (View)
  • Young Benjamin Franklin Statue (View)
  • Levin Building (View)
  • Fisher-Bennett Hall (View)
  • Perelman Quad (View)
  • ProRes 422 HQ versions of files above (View)

Shot on Phantom 4 (August 2016 - June 2017)

  • Penn Aerial Overview, August 2016 (View)
  • Penn Night Aerials (View)
  • Penn Snow Aerials (View)
  • Philadelphia, Penn Park & Schuylkill (View)
  • College Hall, August 2016 (View)
  • Penn Park Class of 2021 Class Photo (View)

Shot on Phantom 2 (December 2015 - May 2016)

These shots have been deprecated. The quality on the GoPro was just pretty bad compared to the newer shots. It's just an embarrassment, especially since it was my first drone :p

Ground Video Shots (August 2015 - May 2017)

  • Penn NSO Augugst 2015 (View)
  • Locust Walk & LOVE Statue (View)
  • Fall in Slow Motion by Matt Mizbani (View)
  • Highrises & Quad (View)
  • Penn Snow Telephoto (View)
  • Photography & Fashion by Karen Yang (View)

Films With My Footage

Here are some films that have used this open-sourced video footage.

  • "White Coat, Next" - Penn Med Parody (View)
  • PennKey Support Website (Visit Website)
  • "The Fighter" by Nexo Productions (View)
  • Penn Holi 2018 (View)
  • Penn Med Preview 2017 Music Video
  • Penn AKPsi Exec Board Spring 2017 (View)
  • SPEC Spring Fling 2017 Lineup Video (View)
  • Youth Hack Ventures Demo (View)
  • Penn Holi 2017 by The Collctve (View)
  • Why Penn Med? (View)
  • Gallbladder ft. Perelman School of Medicine (View)
  • Adam Sacarny: Reducing Inappropriate Prescribing (View)
  • Alumni Day 2017 - Penn Band (View)
  • "Welcome to Penn 2015" by Penn NSO (View)
  • "Sooraj Goes Down" by PENNaach (View)
  • "Classified" by Penn Dhamaka (View)
  • Penn Holi 2016 by The Collctve (View)

Penn Filmmaking Resources

Over the years I've uncovered a lot of filmmaking resources, which are generally distributed across different departments. I want to share with you where you can find the right resources for your video projects.

  1. Check out cameras, tripods, and audio equipment from the Vitale Digital Media Lab. Vitale also has amazing Mac Pro computers and 4K monitors for editing. They've recently added a green screen studio.
  2. The Penn Cinema Studies Department offers classes on film production and film theory.
  3. Penntertainment is Penn's entertainment industry alumni group. They have a cool blog series on their website called "Alumni You Should Know About."
  4. Penn CAMRA is a coalition of graduate students who use alternative media to convey research. They have CAMRA undergraduate fellows each year.

Custom Drone Shoots

If interested in a new drone shoot, check out my aerial real estate photography company Philly By Drone.

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