Photos from Maisie's Peak Hike in Saratoga, CA

I wanted to share the stunning sunset views I saw on the Maisie's Peak hike in Saratoga, CA.

The last photography post I shared was of the fire skies in Orange County in October 2020. I wanted to share some more sunset photos I took recently when I went on the Maisie's Peak hike in Saratoga, CA. The first time when I went in the afternoon, I immediately realized that the full potential of this hike would only be unlocked during magic hour, so I went during and after sunset.

View from Hunter's Point, around 0.75 miles from the Prospect Parking lot.
View of some of the mansions nestled in the hills
Stopped for a quick photo on the walk back to the car
Walking back down after sunset during magic hour
The rolling hills
Sunset over the hills
Turning this corner leads back into the trees

Dried grass
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