Orange County Fire Photography

The SIlverado fire is 15 miles away from me, and I am documenting it through photos.

I am currently in Huntington Beach, CA, roughly 15 miles southwest of the Silverado fires near Irvine, CA. I wanted to make a post with some of my "fire photography." I don't plan to get anywhere near the fires, but wanted to show how the atmosphere has changed from the closest fire I've experienced to Huntington Beach.

October 27, 2020. Second day of the Silverado fire, shot from Huntington Beach looking westward towards the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. The sky is super saturated because of the polluted skies.
October 27, 2020. From Huntington Beach looking northwest towards Long Beach Port (right) and Palos Verdes (center)
October 27, 2020. Homes on a sea cliff, with Catalina Island in the background.
October 28, 2020. Day 3 of the Silverado Fire. Skies are less hazy than yesterday, but still very yellow from the haze.
October 28, 2020. A brave soul shoots some hoops on the beach.
October 28, 2020. A third ship sinks and birds circle above.
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